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I.S.S Pro Evolution


The king of football returns.
International superstar soccer is back to show the opposition how its done. The players choice of football games, this version has immaculate graphics, awesome player movements and is simply the best recreation of the beautiful game ever. This really is football!!!

The gameplay is really good, you could play this game over and over again watching replays, playing the game at different camera angles and on different difficulty levels, purely amazing.

The sounds add great atmosphere. Certain teams have their own crowd chants, but listening for them is fun as well.

The game itself is really realistic with statistics and the graphics, but because the game is not official the names are not real, but luckily Konami added in an editing mode. Well done!

Gameplay:- 4/5
Sounds:- 5/5
Realism:- 4/5
Overall:- 5/5

Top 10 Games

1. I.S.S. Pro Evolution 2
2. Final Fantasy IX
3. Tekken 3
4. Resident Evil 3
5. Gran Turismo 2
6. Smackdown 2
7. Driver 2
8. Tony Hawk's 2
9. I.S.S. Pro Evolution
10. Medal of Honor

Cack Attack (Worst 5 Games)

1. Adventures of Yugo
2. Road Rash
3. Bust-a-move
4. Ballistic
5. Chessmasters

Medal of Honor


Fight WW1 for the first time and read the review that Jack has done to talk about the game.
This game is properly the best war simulation game available on the playstation, i would recommend it to anyone.

Tonight you land behind enemy lines, the tide of war is in your hands. You are an elite special forces agent sent to execute convert operations, search and rescue missions and commando raids.

The gameplay is good, because there is a good storyline to it, featuring lots of different weapons, missions and locations.
This game is really playable, plus with a sniper gun you can destroy long-range enemys.

The sounds are immaculate ranging from German voices, dogs, gun-firing and loud machinery it really gives the impact of WW1.

The game is really realistic, plus the storyline is good. The only let down side is the graphics, it was not bad for a first attempt.

Gameplay:- 4/5
Sounds:- 4/5
Realism:- 4/5
Overall:- 4/5