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Colin Mcrae Rally
Enter one of the following when asked to enter your name;-
Peasouper - Adds fog to all stages
Button Basher - Power acceleration
Heliumnick - Co-driver has a squeky vioce
Directorcut - allows you to play with replays
Kitcar - Gives a turbo boost (Press select when the green bar is full)
Moreoomph - Double engine power
Forklift - Rear wheel drive
Trolley - Allows you to drive with 4 wheel steering
Blancmange - Green jelly car
Nightrider - Night driving

Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX
Secret Characters
Complete the game with any character to unlock Slim Jim and a bonus bike

Extra Points
Use the secret bike and perform a double peg stall anywhere in any level. The longer the balance the more points you'll collect, or try bunny-hopping your way to extra points. When the round ends, pedal to the level and perform a bunny-hop with UP and X or DOWN and X. Keep doing this and you will keep scoring even though the clock has stopped.

Final Fantasy VII
Bahamut Zero Materia
When in the rocket with Cid, enter the combination O, Square, X, X, now go to Budenhagen at Cosmo Canyon, and examine the blue materia. Bahamut Zero will now be yours.

LMA Manager
To open the cheats enter the code as a player name. If you get it right a cheering crowd will sound.

500,000,000 - King Midas
Any player will join the club - North and South
Build stadium faster - Quick dry cement
High rating (95% - 98%) - The best
Quicker healing - Witch doctor
Rainy weather - Wet wet wet
Sunny weather - Dry dry dry
The subsequent game is planned - Backseat manager
Win all games - Ivor invicible

X-men: Mutant Academy
Unlock all secrets
On the main menu, press select, UP, L2, R1, L1, R2

Unlock everything
Go to the options screen and press O, select, L1, R1, R2, L2, Square, Square, select


Next will be the top 10 tips for Driver 2.
Always weave in and out of the traffic, 'popping out' from in front of oncoming vehicles to endanger those who are chasing you
Go between very close cars to force an error from your pursuants.
If you're being tailed, travel through oncoming traffic, but if a copper is in front of you travel on the 'right' side of the road.
Never collide head-on with a vehicle, even if it's stationary. It will prove too damaging to your own car.
Time permitting, change vehicles when your damage gauge is half full - a wrecked vehicle will kill you too.
Slow down for two tier roadblocks and pass calmly through the middle.
If you're being chased, try to stick to the straights to avoid being shunted on corners.
When pursued, take the corners really tight - this avoids lateral impacts, but can also cause those chasing you to slam into the scenery through inertia.
Always cut corners when you have the opportunity.
Feint one way and drive another to fox antagonistic vehicles. Similarly, hide behind other cars so they don't take the brunt of any impacts.


All of the games that I have tipped and given cheats for were chosen for a reason.
They were chosen because in my opinion they are some of the best games going on the Playstation, if you use this page wisely you will find that the tipped games and the games I given cheats for will provide you (the reader) with a whole new idea of fun, because I have spent my time printing up tips and cheats to help you and to find secrets that you never knew.