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Welcome to The Unofficial PSone World Magazine on-line. The website does exactly what the magazine does, it introduces you to the team, it reviews 4 different games each month, you are given cheats, tips and opinions on games to buy and to aviod.

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The Team

He is the smart one who thought up of this magazine. He has the power to decide what is reviewed and printed, he is the EDITOR. (Mug Shot 1)

He is the brains behind all the game reviews and results. He decides for you what he recommends you buy and avoid, he chooses all the games that are reviewed. He is the PS GAME EXPERT. (Mug Shot 2)

This man spends 2 minutes thinking and comes up with lots of cheats and tips, he also gives his opinions on games, whether there worth the dosh you pay for them. He is the CHEATS MASTER. (Mug Shot 3)

Gary takes 5 playstation gizmos and reviews them. He decides on the playability of the gizmo and whether it cuts the mustard. He gives price information and advice. He is the GADGET MAN. (Mug Shot 4)

'Mug Shots'

Clipart of a computer; Actual size=146 pixels wide

'Shaun' The Editor


'Jack' PS Game Expert


'Andy' Cheat Master


'Gary' The Gadget Man

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