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This is Jacks page, where the man pictured on the left stays up all night to review lots of different games for your benefit. He is so hard working we don't even recognise him, he needs a shave and to stop smoking.

He dishes the dirt and dishes up the delights on games that he considers you should buy and not buy. Please believe him at all costs as he is very hard working for loyal PSone fans and we don't want him stressed, he can be a crouch.



The first EVER game to be reviewed by Jack was Driver.
The review will include his thoughts and opinions about the game, he will have marked the game by giving 1-5 on the following catorgries, Realism, Gameplay, Sounds and
overall rating. This will be essential as it will be giving you advice on what you could consider to buy.

The premise behind Driver is that you are a former stock-car driver named Tanner who has just joined the police force. The police think that you'd be a good choice for going undercover to infiltrate the underworld's strongholds and attempt to bust the famous Castaldi family. It's not much of a story, but then again, neither was Grand Theft Auto, and one can see how great that game was.

I jack seriously think that Driver is a brilliant game and is a must get game (Tell your friends, family, neighbours, neighbourhood even the world) to get the game.

The gamplay is really good, and the graphics make it better.
Your race around 4 diferent cities ramming cars 'n' coppers doing missions for gangsters, what more could you ask.

The sounds are ok and add some realism to the game but the sirens on the copper cars don't sound real, it is a matter of opinion. But every thing else seems to be in order, sounds good.

The gameplay and the sounds add up to the realism, i think the graphics of the cars and coppers are brilliant but the people are little too square for my liking, sort this out and you have a top notch game. The game is very realistic.

Gameplay:- 4/5
Sounds:- 3/5
Realism:- 4/5
Overall:- 4/5

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis


The next game to be reviewed in this magazine by Jack is Resident Evil 3 Nemesis.
Just days after surviving the grisly disaster at the mansion lab, Jill Valentine resigns from S.T.A.R.S. and vows to leave Raccoon City, but as events overtake her she suddenly finds herself trapped by hordes of flesh eating zombies, hideous mutants and relentless new NEMESIS.
Once again she must rely on cunning and brute force to escape. What she soon discovers is the evil created by the Umbrella Corporation is even more horrifying than she ever imagined...
I say that this is one of the most impressive slices of playstation entertainment to date.
Resident Evil 3 Nemesis is a game that was put together really well by a devoted software company Capcom.
This game is also on a must buy basis.
The gameplay is excellent as well as the graphics. The game is 3dimensional and you have complete control over Jill and the environment around you, every hole and crack is interactive with Jill.
She can inspect any object, wall, door and floor for clues to help you complete the game.
The best bit is when you blast zombies heads off with a magnum and bazooka.
The sounds are excellent as well.
Play this game in the dark on your own and the sounds and music will freak you out. Zombies bust through doors and jump through windows when least expected and scare the pants off you.
The graphics, gameplay and sound make this game really realistic, but the storyboard is unrealistic, will zombies really take over a city and plaque it with a disease, I think not. But other then that the game is very convincing and a good game.
Gameplay:- 4/5
Sounds :- 4/5
Realism :- 3/5
Overall :- 4/5





Screenshots from Driver on the PSone.

Resi Evil 3 Screenshots





Screenshots from Resident Evil 3 On the PSone.