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Gamester 1MB Memory Card

Thes superb new memory cards are the essential accesory for evry Playstation owner. The uncompressed data transfer ensures more reliable game saves and loads.  15-memory blocks is the capacity.  Available in clear & silver, blue & silver or black & silver.                                                                                         £5.99

Gamester Dual Controller

Mad Catz's most advanced controller to date!  Based on their award winning Dual Force Controller this has additional MACRO compatibility, brand new technology that allows you to pre-programme intricate combat moves and execute them at the touch of a button.  Also features Mad Catz's exclusive three-mode design.                                                                                   £19.99

Gizmo of the month!


Cd based cheat system fro the makers of the Xploder, the UK's No. 1 cheat system.  Pre-load with over 6000 cheat codes for the latest and greatest games.  This cheat system gives you infinite lives, unlimited ammo, special weapons and vehicles and much more!  VMS facility allows additional cheat and save game storage (Memory card Required).         £9.99

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